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I’m happy to hear about “existential” becoming Dictionary.com’s word of the year. That many people are using the word in the media, and that people are seeking its definition more and more is a sign of the spiritual awakening humanity is undergoing.

Most people who encounter existential questions seek out a new goal or identity within the corporeal realm, for instance, changing their profession, friends, location, gender, or in general, where they invest most of their time and energy. This search is still not for the eternal and ultimate meaning of life, which the wisdom of Kabbalah provides an answer and method for. It does, however, display an acceleration of human development from the corporeal to the spiritual.

“Existence” in Kabbalah means that within every particular moment of our lives, we question why we are alive. By doing so, we can constantly sharpen our lives’ direction to its ultimate purpose, and thus reach a more optimal realization of ourselves and our lives.

If one seeks answers about life’s meaning and purpose, Kabbalah provides a method to discover life’s ultimate meaning and purpose by guiding our discovery of the eternal and perfect reality, all while we are alive in this world.

Alternatively, if people are looking for a change and improvement in life, not yet at the level of unlocking eternal perfection, then such people are also welcome see how the wisdom that describes the complete picture of reality can help us conduct our lives with more awareness, understanding and balance.

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