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Does Kabbalah Deal With Good Luck Charms and Blessings?

Kabbalah is a science with clear and concise laws that requires study. It has no connection with charms, blessings and various other amulets and rituals that are done in its name, all of which emerged during the period of Kabbalah’s concealment from the masses. Kabbalistic texts clearly explain the steps that we need to traverse in order to acquire its wisdom.

The uniqueness of genuine Kabbalistic texts is their suitability for everyone, and that they contain the connection between one who studies, their soul and the upper worlds from which the soul emerged. Kabbalistic texts direct us to develop in a way that is suitable for us alone, according to our particular inner structure and the root of our soul. It is comparable to how we each choose a profession in our world according to our character and our heart’s inclination.

Our pace of spiritual progress depends on our own will, the extent to which we wish to know what the texts describe, and our will to know the upper world. The study makes us start preferring the closeness of the upper world, strengthening our choice to live according to spiritual laws over living according to our world’s corporeal laws. We then connect ourselves to the positive forces dwelling in nature.

We will always hang our hopes on a change of luck that will come from above, and on a better life coming about. What happens in our world today is indeed a direct consequence of what descends upon us from the upper spiritual world. However, we can make sure that only positive forces descend on us and give us abundance, provided we know how to act in the upper worlds.

We can come to know how to act optimally in life via practical and systematic study of the structure of the upper worlds. By doing so, we can learn how to avoid a negative reaction to our actions, to do only what will provoke a positive change in our lives. If we were to perfectly adapt to the upper spiritual worlds, then we would all live ideal lives with a sensation of eternity and perfection in addition to our transient corporeal lives that we currently know.

Based on “Interview with the Future” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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