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Are You Aware of this Startling Opportunity that’s Hidden in Today’s Biggest Crisis?

Today humanity is in a global crisis because our inherent self-absorbed, egoistic nature, that wants to exploit others, continue ruthless competition, succeeding at the expense of others, is on total contradiction with the globally interconnected and interdependent human network we evolved into

But this crisis is not a negative one, but rather a positive one. It’s the birth of a new society, a new humanity. In it, as a result of revealing how our inherent nature is causing our troubles, and starting to correct this nature through education, changing the environment we are beginning to “redesign” ourselves at a new level of connectedness, implementing the full potential that exists in each of us.

We are moving toward bonding and mutual understanding, designing humanity as if it were a single person, with all the organs in that collective image complementing one another. At some point, we will reach a state where all of humanity is as one entity.

Once arrived at that state, we will discover a force in which we feel that we are living out of a collective perception, and not the internal, personal perception of each of us. In such a state, we will experience the lives of others, too; everyone will become close to us, and we will understand them and feel them. We will become integrated with them.

And then life will no longer be an experience of a single individual. Instead, it will be as though we live and breathe along with all of humanity. Thus, we will begin to rise from being small and weak into something great, the greatest in Nature. We will begin to sense life from a new dimension called the “speaking level,” as though we are a new species.


Why Some People Have a Much Greater Perception of Life than Others

At the speaking level, the perception of the world changes from being narrow, personal, and self-centered to a broad and global one. Through our new spectacles we will begin to see the new world as if through the lens of the whole of humanity. When we look at it this way and discover a life that doesn’t depend only on ourselves, but on all the people, we will transcend into a sensation of life outside the body.

Through this ascension, we will arrive at something very special. Even now we are living outside our bodies. We live in emotions, desires, and thoughts that we receive from the environment, and which are not our own. Although they are in us, we consider them “outside the body” because we live as we were told we should live, think, feel, and be. We are unaware of how different our perception of the world would be if we lived in a different environment, such as in a forest.

We live within a pattern that society has placed us in while we were growing up and developing, so this is how we see the world. The environment gives us a certain outlook on the world, making us see it in a particular way. Today, it’s hard to notice that we’re living this way because we’re fairly well mingled throughout the world. Yet, we still see how one’s values change according to the place of residence. People think differently and therefore look at life differently. They don’t see what we see, but perceive reality differently from us.


If You Have Trouble Understanding Others, You MUST Read This

The problem is that we don’t understand one another. Spouses often complain that the other spouse “misunderstands” them. It’s true, we don’t understand our spouses because we didn’t receive the proper education; we were never taught how to lead a family life.

Because boys don’t receive any internal patterns for understanding women, they cannot be considerate toward them or understand them. Meetings between them are often collisions: each tries to live beside the other, but neither really understands or mingles with the other. This is a big flaw in our education, as seen in the divorce rates and the number of people who avoid marrying altogether.

The same problem exists when raising children. We don’t know how to relate to them. We see how cruelly some parents can treat their children because they don’t understand them. A parent is supposed to be an educator, a designer of the child’s psyche with which he or she will continue through life. This is why these things must be taught.

For tens of thousands of years, we have been evolving by chance. That is, we didn’t do anything to direct it. Psychology, the science of human nature, of man’s inner world, came into prominence only a hundred or so years ago. Before that, it didn’t cross our minds to learn or do anything about how we developed. We evolved just as all animals do—by chance. Only now have we come to a situation where we have no other choice but to study human nature, society, the environment, how to design man, and what we should do with our lives.

Therefore, when talking about life outside the body, we are not referring to anything mystical, but to values and outlooks we receive from others. When we can see the world through the eyes of others, we can understand them. This is what we need to learn.


How You Can Acquire the Ability to Feel the Whole of Reality

Through global, integral education, through changing our attitudes towards each other, we will start mutually intermingling with each other.

Through this mingling, we will acquire another half of the world. When we acquire an addition outside our own bodies, this is called “living outside the body.” This is how we build ourselves.

Until today, we’ve been evolving within our bodies, in a life as self-centered as possible, satisfying ourselves as much as possible and ignoring other’s views, minds, and outlooks as much as we could. Today, the crisis we all face is forcing us to mingle with others and acquire their perspectives, or their “interiors,” as though we were going out of ourselves and beginning to mingle with others.

By doing so, we will come to perceive the capabilities of the rest of the world: their desires and thoughts. I thus become like the rest of the world, as if exiting my own body and truly acquiring an ability to feel the whole of reality.

A place for a new dimension has been opened here, a place for a completely new sensation—to see and feel reality not through my personal, narrow perception, but through collective sensations and perceptions: an accumulation of all the people.

When I draw closer to others, I become educated by the entirety of this rich society. I acquire the ability to see life through multifaceted emotions and intellects, not just my own, but through the others within me. I become included in this group and see a far richer world than I do now. It is called “life outside the body,” outside my current ego.

There is a special opportunity here for each of us to expand our emotional and intellectual perceptions. If I’m apart of others, feeling what they feel and thinking what they think, I will expand my abilities many times over.


Written by Michael Laitman
Michael Laitman is a global thinker dedicated to generating a transformational shift in society through a new global education, which he views as the key to solving the most pressing issues of our time. He is the Founder of the ARI Institute, Professor of Ontology & Theory of Knowledge, PhD in Philosophy, MS in Medical Cybernetics. You can find him on Google+, YouTube and Twitter

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