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Can I Stay Secular and Still Practice Kabbalah?

If you have an interest in the wisdom of Kabbalah and existential inquiries, then it is more important to start delving into Kabbalistic material and begin thinking about what your future depends on, instead of dressing or behaving a certain way.

Although I myself am religious, it will not help us spiritually to be content with merely practicing the precepts (Mitzvot) outwardly. The needed shift in human consciousness today goes much deeper, and so we need to make more of an inner effort. If we do not concern ourselves with our connection to the upper world, where qualities of love and bestowal dwell, we will end up finding ourselves in very difficult situations. We thus have a lot more to gain by aiming ourselves at attaining another reality, and not merely settling for what we have had until now.

The wisdom of Kabbalah discusses the inner work of spiritual advancement, and I recommend concentrating on nothing else. There is nothing more important than our thoughts and desires. All that is expected of us is to examine ourselves and see that by working on upgrading our thoughts and desires to match the loving and giving qualities of the upper world, then we can change reality.

Based on the book “Interview With the Future” by Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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