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Can Dogs Smell Cancer?

Israeli startup, SpotitEarly, uses dogs to detect cancer in people with their sense of smell. The process involves giving patients a mask into which they breathe for a few minutes. The mask is then taken to a laboratory where dogs smell it, and in over 90 percent of cases, dogs have detected the cancer patients. Moreover, it has been found that the dogs can detect cancer in its very early stages, before it shows symptoms.

Indeed, there are several phenomena in nature that we have yet to find out about, and we may well soon discover more of them. Yet this discovery is beautiful, that we can detect cancer in its early stages and save many lives.

It also shows us how despite our powerful technological progress, dogs can detect cancer more effectively than us. This is because we each emit a cloud through which it is possible to detect a lot of information about us, including what we think and feel, as well as our inner illnesses and where they are located. Most animals sense what we emit in that cloud, but since we do not feel animals, then we do not understand what they sense.

We commonly think of human beings as the most developed of all creatures, but we then find such abilities in animals that show how—despite our developed intellect—we are no better than them. A clear indicator of this is the fact that our development leads us to invent and stockpile more and more weapons. That is, the more we lay our hands on things, the more we bring about negative outcomes.

In order to start developing more positively, we need to look a little into the future and ask ourselves a serious question: “What do we really get from us living the way we do?”

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