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Beyond Blaming Others – A Time for Unity Above Differences

Beyond Blaming Others – A Time for Unity Above Differences

In these trying times when the people of Israel face a grave crisis and heartbreak, our only desire should be to set aside our differences and come together above them. That is what will lead us all to a better state.

Some still point fingers and argue about who is responsible for these troubles and where it all began. But the truth is, we are all at fault. Each of us should acknowledge that this catastrophe is happening because of us, and we must refrain from blaming others. It is our individual responsibility to recognize that we have not done enough to foster unity among us.

Therefore, as the people of Israel, we must unite as one with a shared purpose.

The way to improve our situation is through our unity. Ultimately, all of humanity must unite into one interconnected system, forming one collective entity.

It might seem far-fetched to discuss unity when there is so much hostility and differing opinions among us. However, deep inside, we all have our inner conflicts and opposing viewpoints. We encompass a swathe of contradictions within ourselves, and yet, we must still strive to connect and take responsibility to enhance our unity for the sake of world peace.

Accordingly, we need to reach a state where our unity transcends all limitations and disturbances.

Based on the Daily Kabbalah Lesson with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on October 9, 2023. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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