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A Sensitive Spot in Humanity

The conflict in Ukraine is not a regular conflict between two nations. It is a very deep crisis that originates from a very special place in the common human soul. It is a sensitive spot in humanity, and we can see how powerfully it impacts all of us.

We will not resolve this crisis through diplomatic measures. At best, we will calm it down for a while, but it will only erupt more violently afterwards. We will also not end the conflict if one side completely overruns the other; no one will capitulate here, and the fire will continue to burn underneath until it explodes again.

There is only one thing we need to do in order to resolve the crisis: increase the importance of complementarity, the importance of the necessity to unite the hearts of the members of the rivaling nations above the enmity. To be clear, simply wanting the war to end will not end it; we need to want the separation between us to end. We need to want to feel each other’s hearts, and this, among many other benefits, will also silence the roaring guns.

We are in a very difficult, very treacherous situation. We should not blur things or try to cover them up. Tactics and political artifice will not resolve the crisis. The only solution is to make an effort to bring people’s hearts closer above, and despite the hatred that has erupted among them. Otherwise, there will be no solution to the conflict, it will only escalate and drag more countries into it, and we all know what that means.

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March 6, 2022 Young Manchester City fans hold a banner in support of Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion before the match REUTERS/Craig Brough

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