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The Russia-Ukraine War: Fertile Ground for Antisemites

Whenever there is a conflict or problem in the world, it rapidly becomes “open season” on Israel. Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, social media platforms have massively echoed anti-Israeli voices comparing the war in Eastern Europe to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Such a parallel was recently drawn by UK Labour MP Julie Elliott during a parliamentary debate on the recognition of Palestine. Meanwhile, British Conservative MP Stephen Crabb called that comparison, “historically wrong, factually wrong, and morally wrong.” But antisemites do not need rational logic to justify their accusations.. They take advantage of any opportunity to accuse Israel of wrongdoing.

Former Egyptian football player Mohamed Aboutrika slammed the Federation of International Football (FIFA) after it banned Russia from all soccer competitions, but avoided applying the same punishment to Israel, which he accuses of human rights violations.

Slander against Israel and the Jewish people is nothing new. Any piece of information can be manipulated or distorted to fit someone’s narrative. Israel is portrayed as attacking Gaza for no reason when in fact, we are only defending ourselves. People can say whatever they want, but in truth, we are not Nazis as some claim, we are not against anyone and have never assaulted others just because we felt like it.

But there are no limits for what others can say or write to incriminate Jews for anything bad in the world. Any piece of information can be manipulated or distorted to someone’s agenda or interest against Jews.

The background and history of the conflicts and wars in the Eastern European countries are in no way comparable to the history of the Jews and the State of Israel. The realities are completely different, but Israel’s haters will ignore every reasonable explanation. They will not admit it, but deep inside they think “don’t bother me with the facts.”

Antisemitism is a natural instinct in every human being. It has existed for thousands of years—from the time when Jews received the Torah at the foot of Mount Sinai (from the Hebrew word Sina, meaning hatred) to rise above the hatred revealed between them and from the nations of the world against the people of Israel.

The hatred against Jews will never disappear until we as a people realize and implement the mission we were given, fulfill the true reason why the people of Israel exist, carry out what humanity expects from us: to transition from unfounded hatred to unfounded love and by doing so become a “light unto the nations.”

Photo Caption:
KIEV, UKRAINE – OCTOBER 6, 2021: A ceremony to unveil the Crystal Wailing Wall takes place at the Babi Yar memorial site during the 80th anniversary of the largest local WWII massacre. Babi Yar is a ravine in the northwestern part of the Ukrainian capital, where Nazi German troops and local collaborationists carried out mass executions of Jewish and Roma civilians as well as Soviet prisoners of war. Irina Yakovleva/TASS.

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