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What social framework should we develop for a better future?

We are now entering a completely new framework in humanity, spanning families, towns, cities and nations. Today, nations have become replaced with a new kind of mixture, similar to how separate vegetables turn into a salad. This is especially visible in Europe. There is no framework like there was around thirty or forty years ago. For instance, you used to be able to visit a city and see the city’s character, and today it is no longer the case.

It is because we are currently going through serious changes where we will have to determine a new framework for our lives. We will first need to scrutinize what is the meaning of our lives, and accordingly build a new framework.

Toward such an end, we need to seriously ask ourselves: What is the meaning of life? What do we live for? In the past, we had a clear picture of why we lived. We lived in order to get married to a young spouse. We knew their family and they knew ours, and we started living together and building a home. We knew everything in advance. Today, it is far from the case.

If we want to enter certain professions, for instance, to become biologists or psychologists, then we know that we have to prepare ourselves, to go through university, to study from books related to those fields, and to take an interest in various biological or psychological works. We then invest ourselves for several years in such environments and grow into our professions, and we then perhaps also advance to a doctorate or other specializations. It is clear and laid out. But how many people are there in the world who follow the north star in such a way?

We need to determine our goal and build a plan for how to reach it. Society is a key factor in realizing such a plan. In the past, we had societies that supported us. Today, we also need a society that supports such goals. We can understand the need for a supportive society from our professions. We cannot achieve anything if we remain by ourselves, because we are then like animals, and unless we are like animals in the wild that have their own instinctual frameworks, then we are lost.

Based on the video “What Social Framework Should We Develop for a Better Future?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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