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What Brought Us to This Unstable State of the World?

The development of the human desire to enjoy is revealed to us today in all its nuances, from power struggles between relatives to wars between countries and blocs. This desire leads us to reveal our evil human nature so that

The First Question

Every moment in our lives begins with the question, “What am I living for?” We normally do not recognize it for what it is, so we manage to keep going even though we do not have an answer. However, in

AI, Draw the Love between a Flower and a Bee

There has been a buzz lately about Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines such as Dall-E 2 or Google’s Imagen creating realistic looking images of completely unrealistic scenes by describing the desired image in words. For example, if you want a picture

When Robots Take Our Jobs

What will we do when robots take over our jobs? In many areas of the labor market, this is already the case. From cashiers to lawyers, computerized machines are replacing humans at an alarming rate that is only accelerating. It

Climate Crisis—Not Child’s Play

The planet is running out of time—humanity is utilizing the resources of the world faster than it can recover naturally. That is the United Nation’s blunt assessment of the climate crisis for the occasion of World Environment Day, celebrated June

What We Can and Cannot Find with the New Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is set to replace the aging Hubble space telescope. If all goes as planned, it will begin to “unveil the first science-quality images” next month, according to space.com. A CBS News story explains that Webb is

What If We Got It All Wrong about the Climate?

What if we got it all wrong about the climate? What would we do if we learned that aerosols that pollute the air also cool it and mitigate the greenhouse effect? Also, what if we were told that volcanic eruptions

What’s so special about the Mojo Vision’s AR contact lenses?

One of my students was impressed by how these contact lenses let their users connect directly to the Internet through the contact lenses, and asked about what we could invent that would be even more advanced. It is that we

Will the James Webb telescope see outside the observable universe?

The James Webb Telescope can give us a view of more of the physical universe than what we previously saw, but not the forces that control matter, the spiritual forces. Although the telescope is celebrated as a major feat of

If Science Could Provide Longevity, We Would Need to Ask Why

A story published on the Hebrew edition of Israel Hayom ישראל היום states that a research conducted by Rambam Health Care Campus – Hospital hospital and Technion – Israel Institute of Technology claims to have found that injecting a protein called Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A

Can we live in a disease-free world?

It is possible to live in a disease-free world on condition that we take care of human connections. Human connections, i.e. the attitudes we hold toward each other, our relationships, are the higher source of all good and bad that

What is a human?

Human is the highest of four levels in nature, the still, vegetative, animate and human. In fact, there is no form of a human in nature itself, there is only the still, vegetative and animate, and the human level emerges