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What does nature do for human beings?

Nature is global and integral. It demands of us humans to consciously, scientifically and rationally abide by its law of integral connection, that we would create systems in humanity that let us align with its principle law. When we correct

Can thoughts affect matter?

Indeed, we can influence the world with our thoughts. A person can learn to influence an external device—electrical, mechanical, even electronic, or any other—and simply activate it at will. There is a relatively recent example of a 62-year-old man with amyotrophic lateral

Decoding the Human Genome – the More We Know, the Less We Understand

In recent weeks, newspapers and scientific magazines hailed the completion of the mapping of the human genome. Smithsonian Magazine exclaimed, “Scientists have deciphered the missing eight percent of our genetic blueprint, setting the stage for new discoveries in human evolution and disease.” TIME Magazine

What are some characteristics of the 20th Century?

Mid-20th Century, humanity started feeling that it was entering into a meaningless period of existence. Social and political scientists started realizing that humanity was losing the hope for a happier, better and easier future, which it once had. Before that

No Mojo in Mojo Lenses

Mojo is an American company whose stated goal is to help people “reach their highest potential in work, play, and life while staying connected to people and events in the real world.” To that end, the company has developed augmented

Achieving Individual and Group Goals

Life is about goals and the corresponding choices to achieve them. Key elements for success are properly evaluating the conditions at our disposal before setting a goal and our teamwork capabilities. When I define a goal for myself, I should

Did humans come from apes?

Our bodies evolved from apes, but our sense of self originates in the upper force. In other words, our bodies are outcomes of development on the animal level, and the human part of us is given to us from a

What thoughts or attitudes are helpful with stress management?

Life—both our own lives and life on all biological levels—is in constant stress. It is because life is a clash of opposites and their combinations, and it unfolds on the boundary between plus and minus, positive and negative. Stress is

New Drug that Promises to Target Only Cancer Will Not Kill It

Scientists at Tel Aviv University | אוניברסיטת תל-אביב (TAU) reported that they have developed a new way to deliver drugs directly to cancer cells rather than dispersing them throughout the body. According to the magazine ScienceDaily, “The study opens a new path to

What If We Rewind the Clock?

The University of Cambridge magazine announced that Cambridge researchers have found a way “to rewind the clock on human skin cells by 30 years.” The body of the story is slightly less promising, explaining that the researchers were able “to

Are Rivers in the Sky Flooding the Earth?

“When temperatures in Antarctica soared to 38 degrees Celsius above normal—around 70 ‎Fahrenheit—in March, a teetering ice shelf the size of Los Angeles collapsed,” wrote CNN. “The heat rushed in through what’s known as an atmospheric river,” the story continued, “a

Is there free will in this world?

There is no free will in our world. Free will is possible only if we have an opportunity to rise above the egoistic nature of our world, i.e. the nature where we wish to benefit ourselves at the expense of