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How do digital and analog systems differ?

Analog systems are superior to digital ones because they host an infinite possibility of resolution and accuracy. Take, for instance, conventional vinyl records as opposed to digital recordings. People more knowledgable in sound appreciate precisely such records because they convey the sound’s subtlety with all the harmonics.

In numbers, however, such information needs to be digitized, or in other words, placed into corresponding pulses. No matter how many instruments there are, each one must find its pulse, and they are limited. That is, there is an incomplete transfer of information in digital systems. No matter how much resolution goes into creating curves out of pulses, the curves will always be approximate and will be made out of pulses.

It is clear that digital systems are more profitable. Thanks to them, we can transmit a great amount of information on a single frequency. But sensuality, subtlety and the harmonics that no computer can catch, which are necessary specifically for our hearing and feeling, are transmitted better by records or our old non-digital receivers and transmitters.

At the level of our thoughts and feelings, digital thinking is done with the intellect, which is limited, while analog thinking is with feelings and is unlimited. The heart perceives in an analog fashion, i.e. smooth information, waves, and the brain perceives pulse information, operating by bits.

We are on a path of development that is leading us ultimately to an analog state, i.e. to a state where we interconnect in thoughts and feelings and feel everyone and nature as a single whole. When we enter such an analog and integral state, we will experience a new set of clearly graduated degrees. On one hand, those degrees are digitized, where awareness, perception and sensation takes place within us at every moment. But on the other hand, the sensation itself turns directly into feelings, which are not digital, but analog.

Based on From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Difference between Analog and Digital Systems” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on October 12, 2013.

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