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What would be the best use for the trillion dollars a year spent by the United States and other countries on military budgets?

The best use of budgets currently used for military purposes would be to move them into spreading the knowledge about humanity’s structure, the science about the general reality, the research on why the world is in such a problematic state, the awareness of the process humanity is undergoing and what it is set to further undergo, the reason and the goal of human development, and how within such a universal picture, we inflict harm upon ourselves.

We should open up this general picture of ourselves, our world, and nature in our times, research nature, and by doing so, discover the extent of harm we inflict upon ourselves and on nature—as a means of correcting the way we think and act.

We need to see how we think and act out of balance with the general law of nature.

Nature relates to us altruistically, in a way that gives and sustains life. In response, we express an imbalanced and opposite egoistic attitude toward this law.

If the knowledge about how nature works in an altruistic, interconnected and interdependent manner, and how we operate in egoistic opposition to it, then we will each understand what we need to do as individuals and as a human society in order to save ourselves from further suffering.

By doing so, we will find ourselves in a harmonious world full of happiness and love, and we will never need to use money and capital for military purposes. On the contrary, we will all share money and capital for the purpose of bringing about a positive, harmonious and balanced life for all.

Humanity will eventually reach such a state. There is a developmental force in nature, which is guiding us to a state where we will see that we need to become positively connected, where human society will function similar to a healthy organism of cells and organs each working individually and collectively for the benefit of the whole. In short, the law of universal love, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” will materialize in our relations, and then all of our forces and qualities will become used for our common benefit.

Therefore, the best use of what is currently being used as military budgets would be to provide us all with a new form of education, where we will learn what nature demands of us.

Based on a Q&A with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on September 9, 2006. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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