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What is your opinion about the 2020 USA election?

Today, we bear witness to increasing social division and polarization all around the world, in all of the developed nations of the so-called free world, and the more developed the nation, the greater the polarization.

Why are we becoming increasingly polarized the more that we develop?

It is because behind our evolution are growing human desires. Human development began with us fulfilling our base individual desires for food, sex, family and shelter, and over time, new desires appeared in us—social desires for money, honor, control and knowledge—and we lived and worked in order to fulfill them.

Our current era is characterized by the emergence of a new desire that we have yet to fully grasp, one urging our increasing interdependence and interconnectedness, and it requires us to realize our growing connection harmoniously. However, in this transitional process we find ourselves in, we feel increasing connection and our constantly-inflating desires as burdens that pit us up against each other more and more.

We have never experienced such a strong opposition in opinions and relations, where one opinion is convinced that things should go one way, and the other opinion is convinced that things should go the other way.

The more we have developed our intellects and gained experience from our time on this planet, then you would think that by now we should know how to bridge our divides. Instead, however, we see that the more sophisticated we become, the more divided we also become.

How, then, can it ever be possible to get along?

Today’s intensely polarizing society will not be able to be connected at the same level of understanding and emotion that currently resides in people. On the contrary, the more we develop, the more division, hatred, rejection, and lack of readiness to reach any kind of common understanding will ensue.

Nature awakens this division among us precisely in order for us to reach a state of helplessness, where we will all raise our hands with a sincere desire for help, because otherwise we will see that we are all doomed.

However, nature has no intention to divide us. Rather, it is urging us to realize balance and a perfect connection with each other. Yet it does so in a way where we could realize that connection on our own, as adults, and not that we will unconsciously and involuntarily “click” into place without any awareness on our behalf.

What is happening right now with the US elections is a clear example of how nature is encouraging us to wake up to the helplessness of our current situation, as well as to the need for help from a higher force—that it reveal itself and organize our connections positively—otherwise we remain stuck.

In America, we see an example of how a roughly equal amount of people are split between two opposite sides. How can a successful leadership emerge in such a situation, where two halves of the population are respectively for and against an elected leader? Simply put, there can be no successful leadership in such a situation, and everybody will increasingly feel dissatisfied with whatever leader arises.

This division is happening because a higher force of connection needs to become revealed throughout humanity. This force—call it nature, the laws of nature, God or the Creator—holds the key to organize our connections harmoniously, and any positive progress from this point onward requires this force to surface among us. The positive aspect of our current polarization is that it becomes clear that we cannot solve our division on our own accord, and that if we fail to realize the need to invite a higher force to organize us, then we will end up battling each other uncompromisingly, and can find ourselves in states of great conflict and suffering, which have already started unraveling.

I discussed this topic and answered questions about it yesterday in a meeting with a team of writers. Watch the video here: Q&A with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on the US Elections. [1:09:40]

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