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What are your thoughts on the rise of right wing politics in Europe and around the world?

The recent rise in popularity of the right is an outcome of our current stage of human development, where more and more people are seeing that the truth is with the more egoistic and resolute forces, i.e. those who stand by their opinion and not those who paint themselves various colors in the name of equality. The latter period is coming to an end.

We are now entering a more serious and realistic period. Nationalism and right wing politics, however, will not solve any problems. It is only a more realistic option than what we had before.

The more we develop, the readier we become to penetrate beyond the “nice words” that we hear, and increasingly inquire into human nature—all the while adjusting our behavior the more we learn about ourselves.

Our next stage of development toward a harmonious world is for us to realize where our egoistic nature situates us. In short, we live in hostility toward one another, and positive development from here requires learning how to positively connect, and what such connection depends on, i.e. fundamental changes in our media, culture and education systems. We can then take some small steps toward a more harmonious state.

The current rise of the right shows us that we want to view ourselves more realistically. Then, when we come to acknowledge our egoistic nature, we can start thinking about how to truly improve our lives.

I am not discouraged by this tendency toward the right, but on the contrary, I see it is a step toward a more correct and realistic state. It is a state that needs to unfold, and afterward, we can think about what we can do in order to transition to a better state.

Based on the video “The Rise of the Right in Europe – A Kabbalist’s Response” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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