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How could the US 2020 election be so close in numbers?

We have entered a new era where unity above differences and divisions is showing itself to be a growing need, and the closeness of the current US election results is a duly sign of this.

Over the course of history, while we were still developing, we experienced periods of governance under one kind of rule or another, but today we can expect to see ourselves increasingly as two equal halves.

Moreover, our current democratic systems ascertain that in such a situation, one vote extra for a certain side will shift the governance of an entire country over to that side. However, the longer we find ourselves at such a juncture, the more we will see that leadership over a polarized population, where roughly half object to that leadership, makes no sense as it will ultimately fail to satisfy everyone.

Our tendency to agree with one or another side stems from our very nature. Also, we possess these inclinations in order to lead us into a stalemate, where we realize that only by uniting above our natures can we all experience harmonious, happy, healthy and safe lives.

It is like we have reached a dead end in our natural development, and the time has come to rise above ourselves, to unite above our differences, and discover our common source.

We will find that we have no choice but to positively connect for our very survival, health and happiness, i.e., to find our common and equal place in this nature that we all share, united as parts of a single body of humanity.

In order to unite above our divisive drives, we still lack education, mentally and emotionally, in order to navigate our way to that goal. Instead of education and examples in our surroundings that provoke our natural urges to divide us, we need to aspire for rising above our mind and heart to a state that is neither “us” or “them” but what connects between us.

Such unification is the solution to all of our problems.

While we have reached a stage in our development where we see ourselves split between fundamentally different views, like two sides of a coin, and it will likely take more time—more elections, disagreements, arguments and even wars—for us to become truly desperate and realize that we have no choice but to unite above our natural urges that pull one way or another.

However, in the end, we will reach a state of absolute unification because such a state is rooted in nature. We all emanate from a single, unique and unified force, and we are all destined to ultimately re-discover our connection to that force.

In a broader view of human development, we are now reaching a new stage of maturation, in which we will increasingly see that there is no benefit in trying to convince the other side of one point of view. Rather, what remains for us is to search together for a common point that connects between us. Above all opposites that we perceive in our world, there is a common source from which we all emerge, and our experience of life in this world as harmonious or painful moving forward, will depend on the extent by which we search for our common source.

I discussed this topic and answered questions about it in my news commentary show, “An Inside Look,” with Oren Levi. Watch the video here: An Inside Look [33:10]

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