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Integral Perspective

International Conference "Table of Free Voices" in Berlin, Germany

International Conference “Table of Free Voices” in Berlin, Germany

Today global interconnectedness has become an inescapable fact of life. However, humanity has not yet completed a transition in its awareness, values, and systems to adjust to this new stage.

Finding a solution to these issues involves learning how humanity can best integrate into the new globally connected paradigm, which essentially involves learning how to live responsibly on a worldwide scale.

What we are seeing today is that the social, political, and economic systems we have lived with for many years are not adjusted to handling the emerging phenomenon of global interdependence. This is why we are experiencing a worldwide tipping point of problems and uprisings ignited by the financial crises, which is generating an emerging transformation on a global scale.

Today’s economy, which is fueled by values of self-interest, can no longer work in this new globally connected framework. These new circumstances require people to make significant changes in order to literally make ourselves global and learn how to align our lifestyles with the new global circumstances.