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Who’s Behind the Situation in Israel?

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Whenever the Israeli-Palestinian conflict erupts in Israel, everyone offers advice, if not active intervention. Actually, even in quieter times everyone seems to be busy with the conflict in the Middle-East. In just the last few years, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in our neighboring countries, millions have been displaced, and entire nations have been brought to ruin. Yet, the UN dedicates far more time to discuss the Mid-East conflict (and condemn Israel) than it dedicates to discuss all the crises in the world, combined. So really, what, or who is behind the situation in Israel, and what can possibly be the solution to it?

The Middle-East conflict is not about territory. It is an ideological conflict. Perhaps there are practical reasons playing their part behind the scenes, but when viewed from a broader perspective that is based on Israel’s ancient sources, the terror unfolding in the state of Israel is a direct result of neglecting the relationships between us—the people of Israel. We can stop the terror if we get to work on building a society where we are all responsible for one another and treat each other well. A scrutiny into the sources of the wisdom of Kabbalah indicates that the law of nature dictates that we do just that.

Who’s in Charge, and What Does the World Want from Israel?

On the world map, Israel seems like a tiny, helpless point compared to the superpowers. And yet, throughout the generations, our sages have insisted that “Everything depends on Israel.”[1]

It is written in The Book of Zohar that “as the organs of the body cannot exist in the world even a minute without the heart, all the other nations cannot exist in the world without Israel.”[2]

Rav Kook elaborated a little more on the role of Israel when he wrote, “The construction of the world, which is currently crumpled by the dreadful storms of a blood-filled sword requires the construction of the Israeli nation … in anticipation of a force full of unity … that is found in Israel.”[3]

Apparently, it is we, Israel, who move the processes in our world.

Can We Restore Balance in Israel? On Whom Does It Depend?

Israel are dependent on one thing only—the power of connection. “Social unity can be the source of every joy and success.”[4] This means that by establishing positive connections among us, we depict the image of our day-to-day reality. The only cause that might arrest, delay, or interfere with our connection is the separation and alienation among us. This is why “We are commanded in each generation to strengthen the unity among us so that our enemies do not rule over us,”[5] since “When there are love, unity, and friendship between each other in Israel, no calamity can come upon them.”[6]

Additionally, our sages said that “All of Israel are responsible for one another,”[7] and “Israel will not be redeemed until they are all one bundle.”[8] In other words, the level of connection in the people of Israel is reflected in the political, social, and security situations. Connection is the only thing that can redeem the people from trouble and affliction, since “When Israel are as one man with one heart, they are as a fortified wall against the forces of evil.”[9]

Why Specifically We, the People of Israel, Can Change the Situation

The people of Israel are a unique, ideological group in the world. We first gathered approximately 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylon: “Abraham the Patriarch went and called by the name of the Lord until a great community gathered toward him, who had been called ‘the people of the house of Abraham.’ The matter continued to grow until it became the assembly of the congregation of Israel.”[10] We have the method to impact nature’s forces because “Israel are above nature.”[11]

What Is the Reason for the Current Wave of Terrorism, and Why Are We Hated?

For a long time now, the world has become a global village where we are all interconnected and interdependent. Subconsciously, the nations feel that we, the people of Israel, are holding the key to happiness. However, shirking our historic role, and the absence of the implementation of the method of connection in our relationships, invoke hate upon us from the rest of the world. “In such a generation, all the destructors among the Nations of the World raise their heads and wish primarily to destroy and to kill the Children of Israel, as it is written (Yevamot 63), ‘No calamity comes to the world but for Israel.’”[12]

How Can Connection in the People of Israel Prevent the Next Wave of Terrorism?

Rav Yehuda Ashlag, known as Baal HaSulam (Owner of the Ladder) for his Sulam (Ladder) commentary on The Book of Zohar, wrote that “The redemption of Israel and the whole of Israel’s merit depend on the study of The Zohar and the internality of the Torah. And vise versa, all the destruction and the decline of the Children of Israel are because they have abandoned the internality of the Torah. They have degraded its merit and made it seemingly redundant.”[13] Rabbi Akiva said, “Love your neighbor as yourself; this is a great rule in the Torah.”[14] Specifically unity and unfounded love among us can lead us to congruence with nature’s system, and only then the nations of the world will recognize Israel’s merit, as it is written in The Zohar, “With this composition, which is The Book of Zohar, they [Israel] will come out of exile with mercy.”[15]

How Can We Express Unity among Us in Our Daily Lives?

We must implement the principle of mutual guarantee, since “All of Israel are friends.” “All of Israel are each other’s guarantors [responsible for one another], meaning that when all are together, they see only good.”[16] Now is the time “to rediscover the national love that was instilled within us since the time we were on our land as a nation among the nations.”[17] We must decide that from now on we will begin to treat each other as brothers—in thoughts, words, and actions.

Why Specifically the Wisdom of Kabbalah Teaches Us about the Correction of the World?

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a science that explains forces of nature concealed from our perception, and which act on the people of Israel, and accordingly on the world and on the whole of reality. Kabbalah engages in one thing only—achieving connection among us in order to achieve balance with the force that governs nature. That force is called the “Creator.” In the words of Baal HaSulam, “This wisdom is … a sequence of roots, which hang down by way of cause and consequence, by fixed, determined rules, interweaving to a single, exalted goal: the revelation of His Godliness to His creatures in this world.”[18]

Why Is This Time Special? Why Is Our Unity So Important Specifically Now?

We are standing at a very special point in our process of development. The Book of Zohar writes about this point that “The children of Ishmael are destined to evoke great wars in the world.”[19] For this reason, “If we miss the opportunity and do not rise as one, with the great efforts required at a time of danger, to guarantee our staying in the land, then the facts before us pose a great threat to us, since matters are developing favorably for our enemies, who seek to destroy us from the face of the Earth. It is also clear that the enormous effort that the rugged road ahead requires of us mandates unity that is as solid and as hard as steel, from all parts of the nation, without exception. If we do not come out with united ranks toward the mighty forces that are standing on our way to harm us, we will find that our hope is doomed in advance.”[20]

What Can We Do? Implement the Principle of Mutual Guarantee

Let’s begin to cultivate among us the principle of mutual guarantee de facto. As soon as we get this connection going we will see how it applies to our everyday lives and how it can truly change things for the better. In this way, we will gradually become “as one man with one heart,”[21] and our security and good future will be guaranteed. The Holy Land will become a beacon of hope for the entire world, which is its historic role and purpose.

May we know quieter and better days.

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