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July 4th Reminds: Independence Only Grows Rooted in Unity

Today you celebrate your 242nd birthday. You grew from various groups of settlers and separated colonies into the 50 united — and independent — states of America.

Freedom is the product you always promoted in the global arena, the brand ideal you presented to humanity, the dream you inspired in all of us.

Regrettably, the freedom you offered was exploited and turned into a weapon in the hands of your own children. As they raced toward unlimited freedom for themselves, they grew dangerously hostile and hateful toward each other.

Today, they choose a side — left or right — and wage an increasingly escalating war against each other in the name of freedom.

America, your children have mostly split into two camps of rebellious youths.

They forged an uncompromising worldview and can no longer see each other’s point of view. They learned how to fortify their position with endless arguments claiming proof and with self-justification.

They raised accusations of guilt, slander, and now violence, against the other.

Dearest America, the land of unlimited possibilities, 31 percent of your citizens are concerned about the possibility of civil war in the next few years. The time has come to help them make up and come together, before it becomes impossible for them to hear you.

Remind them, as their loving mother, that siblings can fight, disagree and even maintain their differences, but the American family’s well-being must remain above their feuds.

Teach them that a hostile social atmosphere enslaves them to their selfish urges and blocks their entrance to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Educate them to raise the spirit of unity above all differences, across all 50 states, and between all colors — especially between red and blue.

Set healthy boundaries to preserve the integrity of your nation, one people above all differences. Let your children know they have crossed a line when any of them incites violence and extremity against their fellow citizens.

But most of all, America, show your children the unique opportunity their raging eyes are too blind to see. Show them how strong and prosperous they can be if they work to be together! This is all they are missing.

Help them envision life beyond fighting and biting. Help them change the rules of the game, using each other’s strengths to build something new and common. This is the natural, motherly wisdom you must bestow upon your children.

Surely, the notion of unity sounds folksy, naïve and far-fetched to your children, yet it is the root from which they emerged, and the mature state that awaits them.

Help them with all the means you have at your disposal, America.

  • Turn away from partisan media that profits off division and establish an impartial and objective communication channel with representatives from the entire social spectrum who are willing to demonstrate unity above differences.
  • Start a research facility to draw an objective picture of the national state of the American family.
  • Invest resources and quality manpower in new social initiatives with the goal of unifying communities in every part of society.

Deep down, all your children realize that hatred and division are unsustainable, but they can’t stop: they need you to nurture their commonalities and similarities over their differences.

Dear America, on your 242nd birthday, may your children see that their true independence will only come from working on their unity.

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