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What We Can ( or Can’t) Learn from Whales

Many years ago, when I was a university student at the Medical Academy in Leningrad (today’s St. Petersburg), there was a special project that the academy conducted in the Black Sea. It had to do with communicating with dolphins and trying to learn their language. The project didn’t amount to much, and the lesson was learned.

A few days ago, a student told me that a project is underway in Israel to try to learn the language of the whales using high-tech equipment, linguistics, and Artificial Intelligence. He asked me what I thought about it. I told him about the experiment in Leningrad and concluded that it, too, would not amount to much.

If we want to learn from nature, it is not in order to communicate with animals, but in order to understand the matrix of nature, how it operates, to understand the secrets of creation and the mechanism of the creative force that makes it. I realize that it’s impressive to see how whales communicate, but then what? Where does it lead us? Will it teach us how to communicate with one another? No, it won’t. And if we cannot communicate with one another, what good does it do us to see how well other species communicate?

We must focus our communication efforts on our own relations, on creating healthy, balanced, and considerate relationships among us. This will help us, and will help the whales, much more than learning the meaning of whale-sound A compared to whale-sound B. It is ourselves we need to study and correct, not them!
All of nature is already operating according to the law of balance, where life and death, growth and decay, giving and taking are balanced and mutually supportive. Only humans seek only to take, take, take, and give nothing in return. And because we are the only being that’s egocentric and destructive in all of creation, it is so vitally important that we focus on our own communication, our own relationships with one another, that we learn to care about each other!

Once we learn this, we will also understand all of creation, how to communicate with other species, and how to support the thriving of all life on Earth. If we look up, to our higher selves, to being connected heart-to-heart with all the people, we will be able to contribute to all other species, and our existence here on Earth will have a meaning and purpose, and will benefit all creations.

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