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What is the difference between the laws of nature and ethics and morality?

The laws of nature are unchanging laws of love and bestowal, which harmoniously connect all of nature’s parts, and which take the benefit of the whole into consideration.

By contrast, morals and ethics are codes of human conduct at a given moment in time. For instance, if harsher methods of communication were considered norms in the past, even to the point of cruelty, then the more we developed, the more moderate and friendly these behaviors became.

Laws of nature are opposite to human nature, which is a desire to enjoy at the expense of others, and which is in constant growth. The more the human ego grows, the more our morals and ethics change in order to let ourselves get along with each other more conveniently at different stages of our development. However, no matter how much we develop in our morals and ethics, we always find ourselves lacking something, and more and more problems and crises abound in our relations.

Human development gradually leads us to the need to reach balance with the laws of nature. Today, we are more ripe for the discovery of the laws of nature than ever before.

Yet, how do we make that leap from being governed by the human ego—trying to adapt and observe morals and ethics in order to get along as optimally as possible—to becoming governed consciously by the laws of nature, where we harmoniously connect with each other and discover the positive forces dwelling in nature within our harmonious connections?

We make that leap by learning and exercising the laws of nature in a social setup, i.e., how to positively connect in society so that there will be an envelope of love and care in our relations. That is, by connecting as a single whole in human society, we match the perfection and wholeness of the laws of nature, and then come to experience a whole new kind of harmony, happiness, confidence and peace filling our lives.

I discuss this topic in more depth in the program, “Communication skills. Moral principles and social norms”: Watch the video here » [54:02]

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