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What is sin?

Sin is deviation from the attainment of our life’s purpose: to enjoy our harmonious connection in balance with nature.

Most people consider sin as some form of wrongdoing in relation to a divine law. This view has truth in it, yet what is of primary concern is whether or not we progress toward the ultimate goal of life that harmoniously connects us all, and which balances us with nature.

Therefore, it is important to raise awareness about how all of our conducts—sinful or positive—are measured with respect to the motion toward our life’s goal.

When we can clearly picture the goal that nature established for us, then we can discuss conducts that can guide us optimally to that goal; how we can progress to it quickly and enjoyably, with wisdom and awareness.

Such conducts are called “commandments,” because from nature’s point of view, it is commanded that we move a certain way toward our final destination.

By contrast, conducts that deviate or even backpedal our motion toward life’s purpose are considered sinful.

The purpose of our lives is to reach complete balance with nature’s perfectly connected form. Positive forces in nature reveal themselves to us more and more according to our increasing extent of balance with nature. As such, any conducts that aim at such balance with nature are considered “commandments,” and have a positive and harmonious effect on our development.

The attainment of the purpose of our lives is equal to the full acquisition of nature’s qualities of love, bestowal and connection. This is why the sages stated that “love your friend as yourself” is the main commandment of our lives.

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