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What is nature and why?

Nature is a single, whole and perfect system. It contains four levels—inanimate, vegetative, animate and human—and it operates everything but the human.

We humans are outside nature’s integral functioning, and this is the reason for all forms of suffering in our world. Our lack of alignment with nature’s singularity, wholeness and perfection causes imbalance in the system, and that imbalance negatively boomerangs back to us.

Nature has a unifying and adhesive tendency. It holds everything together, and it develops everything to greater and greater states of connection. Our detachment, estrangement and even hatred of each other thus harms the system we all share, and hits us as many different kinds of problems and crises. Moreover, the longer it takes us to wake up to the need to positively connect in order to align ourselves with nature, then the more blows we will endure.


It is because we were supposed to have already reached a certain level of positive connection above the divisions we bear witness to today. However, we continue following our divisive drives instead, and the ever-growing gap between our separation and nature’s wholeness surfaces as more and more troubles. The remoteness between the need for human connection and nature’s wholeness will continue until we realize that everything we have made in this world fails to bring us lasting happiness and satisfaction. At that point, when we reach a state of desperation and a true need for help, we might just then start aligning our connections harmoniously with nature.

However, we need not reach a state of total desperation. By creating an environment of connection-enriching education and influences, will be able to guide our way to greater states of human connection. And when we positively connect, we will reach balance with nature, draw the positive forces dwelling in nature that we currently have no sense of, and when we do, we will experience a whole new level of harmony, peace, unity, love, happiness, confidence, health and safety in our lives.

It is my hope that we reach such sublime states sooner—through education, mutual support and encouragement—rather than later, through suffering.

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