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What’s the essence of human relationships and communications?

The essence of human relationships and communications is in the manifestation of a mutual state of harmonious connection.

Prior to connecting harmoniously, we each experience numerous positive and negative sensations that arise in our contact with each other. Eventually, this exchange leads to the formation of a new and harmonious kind of connection.

How can we, however, assure ourselves that our relationships and communications will lead us to a harmonious connection?

It depends on our preparation, i.e., the education, socio-cultural influences and upbringing that we receive.

We need not be concerned about our relationships and communications in and of themselves. Instead, we should concern ourselves with how to optimally prepare ourselves, i.e., what educational, social and cultural influences we surround ourselves with, in order to harmoniously connect. It is similar to a mother who advises her children on how to behave with others before sending them out to school or another gathering.

By preparing ourselves to harmoniously connect, i.e., surrounding ourselves with an environment that teaches and exemplifies positive human relationships and communications, then we can draw ourselves to the revelation of a whole new sensation: that of feeling other people’s thoughts, desires and needs as our own. Such a shared perception and sensation is the essence of human relationships and communications.

I discussed this topic and answered questions about it in a talk with Michael Sanilevich. Watch the video here: Communication skills. The essence of human relationships. [34:02]

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