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What does despair do to you?

Everything we receive from nature is for our benefit. If we reach a state of despair, it means that next time it is better not to exert our efforts in that direction because we will not get what we want. Therefore, despair comes to teach us that we should not waste our time and energy in a certain direction.

Despair is a critical point of scrutiny where we can revise our direction in life. We can either see that a certain direction is not for us, and then we become willing to let it go and take a different direction in life, without regrets, or perhaps we reach a point of despair and realize that we indeed want to head in the direction that we were headed, and then we shift into a higher gear and tackle that direction at any cost with new strength.

Despair comes to show us that we have a certain goal, we have certain strengths, and we see that they do not match. Therefore, perhaps by reaching despair of our own strength, we can then discover new sources of energy to reach our goal, for example, someone to consult, a group to connect with, a trainer or a coach, and that we can receive additional strength from there. In such a situation, despair couples with a feeling of joy, because it could be that without despair, we would labor endlessly in a certain direction and settle for mediocrity.

Based on the video “What Does Despair Do to You?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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