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Can nature really heal us?

There is a therapeutic approach in Japan called “forest bathing,” which sends people with various medical conditions for a long stay in nature. Research shows that a long stay in nature can decrease blood pressure, stress hormones, treat anxiety, depression, and in general, help you heal from different medical conditions.

Indeed, nature has healing powers. Anybody can feel how a walk in nature, being in nature, and going out to stay in the country for a few days, has a healing effect.

Nature consists of the still, vegetative and animate that we need to connect with as opposed to the jungle of stone and bricks that we live in with their stress and tall buildings.

However, the human ego, which wishes to exploit others and nature for self-benefit, increasingly detaches us from nature, making us destroy and distance ourselves from it, and such a process will eventually lead us to at least see how wrong we are in doing so.

In the future, however, I think that everything will work out. We will reach an understanding that our ego is killing us from one moment to the next, and that we need to revise how we conduct our lives, together with understanding what will happen if we continue along the same trajectory. We will then stop letting the ego drive us to harm ourselves.

However, we do not need to go and live in the woods. The solution is among each other, that we start living in unity, with love and mutual support. Such an approach would heal us of all the different illnesses that we have. We could make a thousand-page list of illnesses, and if we develop connections of unity and love, then we would heal ourselves of them all. Reaching relations of love and mutual support among people would balance us with nature at the human level, the highest level of nature.

Based on the video “Can Nature Really Heal Us?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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