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Who will win in a war if all 190+ countries teams up against Israel? What if God doesn’t help Israel?

It could definitely become a reality where the entire world teams up against Israel.

We, the people of Israel, can expect more and more hatred toward us, and it can dress all kinds of forms that we consider as unjust. For instance, the recent allegations in The Hague of war crimes that Israel immediately took defense to, or myriad other forms of blame against us.

We, the people of Israel, have the ability to switch on a new light in the world, where the entire world would think and speak positively about the Jewish people and the State of Israel, but the way we currently conduct ourselves brings upon us increasing hatred.

The hatred against us is an outcome of our negligence. It is negligence of the biggest kind: We have the ability to correct the world, to bring about a natural balance among human society worldwide, spreading peace, love and unity upon the growing division and hatred, but we neglect our ability to do so.

The more the nations of the world point out our seeming wrongdoings, the more we try to defend ourselves. However, there is no use in trying to defend ourselves in such a way. We are entering a state similar to what was unfolding in 1930s Germany, only today, it is not a matter of one nation or region against us, but in today’s globally-connected world, the entire world is frowning at us more and more.

No matter what we do to try and improve our image, with all the advances in science, medicine and technology we bring to the world, we cannot buy a positive attitude toward us.

Why? It is because the hatred felt toward us is natural. It emerges from the laws of nature.

Human nature, the egoistic desire to enjoy at others’ expense, which is at the basis of every person’s thoughts, actions and behaviors, continually grows. It is the negative force in nature, positioned opposite to the positive altruistic force of love, bestowal and connection. In our times, the egoistic desire is growing to enormous proportions, and humanity finds itself in myriad problems as a result of the growing ego that finds no balance with the force of love and bestowal opposite it.

How can this growing ego be brought into balance with the positive force? It can be done through the method of correction that was made to establish this balance, the method for revealing that force through the positive connection of society.

The people of Israel were originally founded as a nation that implemented this method of correction. They emerged about 3,800 years ago in ancient Babylon where Abraham guided them to unite above the rampant social division of the time, and they acquired the time “Israel” (“Yashar Kel” [“straight to God”]), from their aim directly at the force of love and bestowal. They drew this force to themselves, and it connected them above the divisive ego that was bursting at the seams.

As the ego in Abraham’s time was tearing apart human society, and he gathered anyone who felt a need for better relations to come and learn how to connect above the divisive ego, so it is today: the people who were founded on that method have the ability to start making strides toward better connection, more love, unity and peace among each other, in order to be a conduit for the positive force of love and bestowal to spread among wider circles of humanity.

Our neglect to realize this ability, and our continued efforts to instead dabble in egoistic goals for money, honor, control and knowledge, lets the ego run wild, and it ultimately brings about all kinds of outbursts, pains and crises. As a boomerang, the nations of the world feel hatred increasingly surfacing within them toward us. It is a subconscious hatred where they feel we hide something good from them, without knowing exactly what it is, and neither the people of Israel nor the nations of the world can rationally pinpoint the core reason for the hatred.

It is a fact that Israel is hated by all the nations, whether for religious, racial, capitalist, communist, or for cosmopolitan reasons, etc. It is so because the hatred precedes all reasons, but each merely resolves its loathing according to its own psychology. – Yehuda Ashlag, The Writings of the Last Generation.

Therefore, we live in a time today where if we, the people of Israel, fail to wake up to our role and start implementing the method of correction we once realized in ancient Babylon—to unite (“love your friend as yourself”) above division (“love will cover all transgressions”) in order to spread unity among society (to be a “light unto the nations”)—then it could indeed become a reality where the entire world teams up against Israel.

Whether it is the allegations in The Hague last week pushing for an investigation into war crimes committed by the State of Israel, or whether it is American Jews in New York and Jersey City last week getting murdered due to clear anti-Semitic motives, such examples from the last few days alone are among a long string of intensifying anti-Semitic motions that have been exponentially rising the last few years.

The problem is that we are a stiff-necked nation, as is mentioned in the Torah, where despite the distinct anti-Semitic tendencies, we close our ears to the deeper calling behind the hatred. We are like a little child whose mother gets angry at him, and we point back to the mother saying that she’s a bad mother, without understanding the intention in the mother that wishes for the child to fix his conduct.

We thus need not point our finger back at humanity, at anti-Semites and at people who seek to illuminate our wrongdoings. If we instead focus on our own unity, on realizing the ideological basis for what made us a nation to begin with, we will then draw the positive force of nature upon ourselves, and through us, it will spread to humanity. That and only that will certify a change in attitude toward us, as a new state of unity among humanity would bring about new positive sensations of happiness, confidence, love and peace. We would then become felt as a kind of tap that allows the positive force to enter people’s lives, and would accordingly receive a positive response from the world.

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