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What would it take for Israel to get involved in Syria?

Israel should not get involved in Syria. It makes no sense for Israel to get involved in such conflict zones.

Israel is not a superpower. It’s a small nation, and it’s finding it hard enough to survive as it is.

Against Turkey, the current attacking force against the Kurds in Syria, Israel is powerless. Turkey is very powerful, boasting an extraordinary population of over 79 million people.

For the time being, Israel needs to be neutral. The world needs to understand that Israel is in a situation where it needs to be concerned about itself. It has no need to show itself off to other nations as “holy,” i.e. involving itself in different places to try and portray a positive image of itself to the world.

Just as every individual has the right to exist, every nation also has the right to exist. We can say it openly, that every nation has the right to exist, but it does not mean that we need to enter into war with everyone in the process.

If Israel would really like to offer its help to the Kurds, the Syrians or any other nation, it needs to realize the role it assumed when it was given the name, “the nation of Israel”: a role of a people who aim “Yashar Kel,” i.e. straight to the higher force of unity and love.

By uniting above differences (“love will cover all transgressions”), the nation of Israel’s unity would have a positive rippling effect throughout humanity as a whole, softening conflicts and calming the world by inviting nature’s unifying force in between the multitude of people and nations (i.e. to be “a light unto nations”).

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