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What does “I think; therefore I am” mean?

Our universe is a thought. Our world is a thought. We live in thought.

Our perception constantly develops, and the more it transforms, the more changes we observe in the world.

It is very significant to note that we can control our thinking. Why is that so significant? It is because by controlling our thoughts, we can create a certain kind of world to live in.

On the surface, our thoughts seem involuntary. However, if we pay closer attention, we will see how they appear as a result of our environmental influences.

We imagine to ourselves all kinds of visions, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings; thinking thoughts and ideas inputted from our environment.

What the environment projects, we think about in one way or another.

Therefore, we would be wise to take caution with what and whom we surround ourselves, since our positive or negative thoughts—and thus, world—will be influenced by the kinds of inputs we receive from our environment.

Positive influences would portray examples of unifying communication and values of mutual responsibility and consideration:

  • People discussing problems and reaching resolutions that unity is more important than their conflicting opinions, even though they each feel adhered to their differing opinions.
  • Art, entertainment, media and events that promote values of mutual responsibility and consideration.

Today’s divisive messaging filling mass media spreads swathes of divisive thoughts in society, and these negative influences and thoughts give us a picture of our world where we see hatred abounding more in more in society. Also, those delivering divisive messages throughout the media believe that it serves them to do so, but on the contrary, it acts to both theirs and society’s detriment.

We have reached a major transitional point in history where we experience crisis on one hand—polarizing attitudes tearing society apart—while on the other hand, we increasingly feel the negative effects of living divided.

In addition, today we have the means to unite above division: to implement a method of connection that has the capability to secure our livelihood for generations, as well as raise us to a completely new kind of perception and sensation of our world. In other words, in order to feel that we live in a perfect world, we need only figure out how to unite above our divisive drives, and there is a method available that can unlock this revolution in human attitude and perception.

A central aspect of this method is environmental influence. By taking charge of our environment—choosing the kinds of social, media and educational influences that we absorb—we can guide our thoughts to think about creating a perfectly unified society, which “clicks” into balance with nature’s interconnectedness, and by doing so, experience total harmony.

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