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Rift Between Israel and US Jews

Israel has a resource that will soon be in great demand – a connection method that is the key to human sustainability. From Nature’s perspective, meaning the inner forces that operate our world, this is what we are destined to provide the world. And this is also the underlying reason for the growing rift between American Jewry and the State of Israel.

The world inherently demands Israel to be a beacon by being a model of social unity. But what does the world get instead? Endless conflict from this region is broadcast day and night. Endless political, financial and power struggles. Israel may be the Startup Nation when it comes to high-tech but it has forgotten about its most exclusive product for the world: “being a light unto nations” – a 3,800-year-old brand.

As long as our relations don’t demonstrate the tenet of “Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself”, every Jew living in America is thinking in his or her heart, that we might as well turn this oasis called Israel into a tourist site. Putting myself in their shoes, I can relate to what they’re going through, when any sympathy they express towards Israel draws harsh criticism from their immediate surroundings.

Unity above differences is the true commodity the State of Israel has to offer the world, because this is the foundation of the Jewish – being “as one man with one heart.” We possess the method for bringing people together – families, couples, nations and all of humanity. Once we begin to implement it here, it will reverberate around the world. As written by the great Rav Kook, “the secret of unity for the world lies within Israel.” (Orot HaKodesh)


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