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Measles Outbreak & Anti-Semitism

The outbreak of Measles provides another justification for the inherent hatred towards Jews; a way to rationalize anti-Semitic sentiments.

Even in the Middle Ages Jews were blamed for spreading diseases, but the claim was opposite: Since bathing regularly wasn’t common, the Jews, who bathed at least once a week for religious reasons, were more protected from diseases. Their weekly cleaning disinfected their bodies. But the public at the time ignored that, and fabricated false theories that the Jews themselves were spreading the disease to hurt the rest of the public. As then, so now, an inexplicable and irrational feeling is constantly searching for logical reasons to blame and hate the Jews.

Hatred of Jews never goes away; it only takes on different shapes and forms throughout history. Jews were deemed responsible for the death of Jesus, but also for inventing Christianity. They’ve been labeled warmongers, as well as cowards. Communists accused them of creating capitalism, capitalists accused them of creating communism. They were hated for being arrogant, but also treated as an inferior race. They’re blamed for being racists who seclude themselves from society, and on the other hand, they are deemed rootless cosmopolitans who push for a globalist agenda.

The justifications change, but the same emotion remains. As Kabbalist Baal HaSulam writes: “The fact is that Israel is hated by all nations, whether for religion, race, capitalism, communism, cosmopolitanism etc. Hatred precedes all reasons, and each one merely resolves his hatred according to their own psychology.”

In the heart of the world, there is a demand for an explanation, a sense that Jews are holding some secret key, some cure for all illnesses, and for some reason they are not sharing it.

Also, looking at history, we find that Jews contributed significantly to medicine – such as Haffkine who developed vaccines against cholera and dabber, and did much to improve health conditions in the world. But that will never satisfy the nations of the world. They are thirsty for the real medicine in the hands of the Jewish people: the power to bring humanity together, the light for all nations.

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