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Israeli Song Wins Eurovision

“Thank you so much for accepting differences between us, thank you for celebrating diversity,” were the words of Israel’s new source of pride, Netta Barzilai נטע ברזילי, upon her victory in this year’s Eurovision.

However, I believe that next year’s event holds a much greater opportunity for this message to become reality.

As Netta’s victory positions Jerusalem as the contest’s next venue, it creates a perfect setting for Israel to display the true treasure the world expects to receive from it: the gift of unity and human connection above all differences.

Imagine next year’s Eurovision as an event whose theme is global unity and common humanity. An event that goes beyond a musical contest, to demonstrate and celebrate our natural connection as human beings. Specifically in a place like Jerusalem, which symbolizes great division and conflict, such an event would have an incredibly positive impact.

But the physical place would not be the only reason for it. The true birth story of the people of Israel is, in fact, rooted in global unity. 3,800 years ago, representatives from all the various groups, tribes, and clans living in ancient Babylon decided to come together under the principle of unity above differences. They developed a way of life where they continually make an effort to rise above their egoistic differences and celebrate the natural connection that binds all human beings together.

In other words, the original grouping of people called “Israel” was a mini-model of global unity.

Today, there is a deep-seated demand in the heart of humanity that the people of Israel will rediscover their vocation. This is why many people feel an unexplained sentiment towards the Jewish people, which sometimes comes out in very negative ways.

If we manage to catch the hint from Netta’s success and turn the euphoric sense of joy into positive action, showing the key to the unity of humanity, then, regardless of who creates the best musical performance, the entire world will win the next Eurovision.

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נטע ברזילי Netta Barzilai – מעריצים

Image: Reuters

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