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Israel had a Coronavirus record over the July 4th weekend, with cases spiking by 13 percent. Why do you think that is?

Now we are heading toward the end of July 2020, and the coronavirus cases have spiked nearly 92% more over the course of the month, from 28.4K cases on July 5 to 54.4K cases on July 23.


As I have written and spoken about extensively since the coronavirus became a global pandemic, COVID-19 is not merely a health and economic issue, but a nature-sent phenomenon that has come to reprogram humanity: to make us all more aware of our interdependence and interconnectedness, and to give us conditions by which we become forced to exercise our mutual dependence on each other.

Also, before the coronavirus struck the world, I extensively wrote and spoke about the people of Israel having a special role in our world: to pioneer humanity’s transformation to a positive connection above its increasing divisiveness.

The more divided society becomes, the more there is a need for the unity that the people of Israel have a method to realize.

Therefore, if we, the people of Israel, make strides to positively connect in order to be a unifying example for humanity, we will then experience a positive reaction from nature and other nations.

If we fail to move in a unifying direction, then our negligence and disunity will ripple throughout humanity in the many forms of social division pitting people in the world against each other, and we will experience its negative backlash.

Instead of becoming a unifying example capable of leading the world to a more harmonious state, we have become the opposite: an example of social discord, like a tail trailing behind humanity, dragging along and slowing down humanity’s progress to a more positively connected state.

This is the situation we’re currently in. Thus, it comes as no surprise to me that we have encountered a major rise in coronavirus cases this month. And it has nothing to do with whether or not we observed the health department’s guidelines.

Until we reach an understanding of our role, that we exist not for ourselves but for humanity, and feel on our flesh that we need to contribute an example of unification above division to humanity, then we can expect more and more malfunctions that work against us.

The calculation with regard to the people of Israel is always in relation to humanity’s unity or disunity: if we act to increase unity among ourselves and humanity, then we will experience positive feedback together with a force of connection that increases humanity’s happiness, safety and health to humanity.

And the more human society needs unity, i.e., the more it experiences the negative effects of its divisiveness, then the more we will become pressed to respond according to our fateful role.

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