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How Does God Communicate With You?

Thoughts about the meaning and purpose of our lives are the Creator’s way of inviting us into a dialog.

They are like couriers knocking on our doors to notify us about a special delivery.

We only need to open our doors, accept the packages, unpack them, and from their content recognize their sender and how we should respond to them.

Many of us hear the knocking, but we wait, staying seated on our sofas, watching our TVs, thumbing our phones, and yelling at the couriers to leave the packages by the door—that we’ll pick them up later.

Such an attitude dissolves the awakening, and who knows when we will again feel a knock on our hearts’ doors?

When we receive such invitations, we should immediately realize them. We should do everything in our power to open the packages, find the Sender’s address, work out what kind of special delivery He would most enjoy, and how we could send Him that delivery in return.

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Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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