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How do I unite the left and the right?

We need to understand that nature is guiding us to a state of complete unification, and thus we should be interested in seeking how we can unite above our differences.

It is incumbent on such unity that the diversity of differences, all individual characteristics and views, remain in place, i.e., that not one side or view eliminates the other, but that each view is given its duly space to exist.

In order to unite between differing and opposing views, a third source is required—an ability to concede one’s view to accept and even care about the other’s view, which comes solely from unification holding more importance than the details of each of our views.

While it seems impossible in today’s reality, when we understand that nature’s tendency is to unite all of its parts, including humans, and that we are being developed in that direction, then if we implemented such education of this tendency, we would gain the strength to be able to make the required mutual concessions in order to see:

  • all differing and opposing views as necessary parts of a single system,
  • unity above these divisions is beneficial to everyone, and that
  • it is fruitless to resist nature.

That is, we would see that agreeing to remain solely within our opposite sides only increases suffering, and that nature wants us to rise above such tendencies to unite.

Nature ultimately guides us to unite above all of our differences. People who have revealed this tendency in perception and sensation, i.e. Kabbalists, wrote about it that “love will cover all transgressions.”

It means that opposed parties need to discover the negative characteristics that each side holds, and bridge both sides with the help of a method of learning and implementing unity above division.

If we left ourselves to our natural devices, then we would only be led to more hatred of each other. That is, human nature is egoistic, primarily considering self-benefit over everything else, and our worldviews are all constructed on this narrow perception and sensation of reality. As such, they lead us to a crisis where we feel that others need to be changed or eliminated in order for us to be at rest.

Today, we have the ability to identify this problem. We are each individualists who each hold a unique place and view in the system, and we are thus each different from each other.

However, we have to raise our awareness about the single system of nature that we all share and exist within, how this system guides us to unite above our differences, and we thus have to establish connections above all differences and disagreements between us.

It is as if we set out to build a new floor in our building: our first floor contains all of our various views untouched, and on the second floor, we appreciate what connects us above all else.

There is room for everyone in today’s world. The time has come when we need to build a new connection between us, not where one wants to destroy the other. By destroying others, we destroy ourselves. This is a law of nature. Plus and minus need to exist alongside each other, and a new mechanism needs to be placed between them that lets them both work harmoniously as part of a single system.

We thus need to reach a state where we will feel ourselves as existing above the egoistic human nature, which is the entirety of our being, and discover a much greater reality.

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