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Antisemitism in Europe

The Scandinavian countries are on their way to becoming the first countries in Europe to ban circumcision and kosher slaughter. And you can add rejecting five Israeli choreographies from the art festival in Norway to this newsflash.

Do not let politics fool you. Hatred towards Jews is building up in the hearts of Europeans, creating tremendous pressure with no means of letting up. Even if they are not aware of this, haters of Israel sense that we hold the key to their good future.

According to Kabbalah, anti-Semitism is not a passing phenomenon but rather a natural dynamic: When Jews unite above all conflicts and differences, a positive force of unity spreads throughout human society. On the other hand, when we are emotionally separated and distanced from each other, we evoke negativity in the world, which repeatedly strikes us as a burst of anti-Semitism.

But our ears will not listen. The irrational hatred that arises as it does today, and which takes on the form of new laws directed at the Jewish community, reminds us the hard way that we have a role, and even though we would be happy to shake it off, it is impossible.

We are a people that carries within it a spiritual potential – the seed of love for all people of the world. We have become a nation based on the tenet of “love thy neighbor as yourself,” and only the return to this tenet can eradicate the world’s hatred towards us.

The Book of Zohar explains that the Jews shape the fate of the world: “Just as the organs of the body cannot exist for one moment without the heart, so all nations cannot exist in the world without Israel.”

When we unite, we drive the world towards unity and a great abundance begins to flow. Division between us, however, creates division in the world and blocks the channels of abundance, leading to wars and hatred. As written by the greatest Kabbslist of the 20th century, Yehuda Ashlag: “The Israeli nation has been established as a ‘conduit’, which at the same rate that Israel themselves are unified, so they transfer their power to the rest of the nations.”

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