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Why does it seem like most of the world hates Israel?

Whether we know it or not, we in Israel are in a game—that we need to receive blows, and to be treated badly until we straighten out properly toward the upper force. Then, the evil against us will invert into good.

The upper force—a force of bestowal, love and connection that we call “the Creator” (Heb. “Boreh”), “nature” (“HaTeva”), “upper light” (“Ohr Elyon”), and several other names—currently does not like us, because we are not living up to our role in the world.

On one hand, those who are pro-Israel like to tell themselves that Israel is among the top countries in several areas such as humanitarian support, technology, medicine and science, but on the other hand, we see that despite Israel’s achievements in these areas, the general attitude from the world toward Israel continues worsening and thus it is not worthwhile convincing ourselves of our seeming righteousness.

Our many corporeal achievements fail to nail what the upper force ultimately wants from us, which is to positively connect with other Jews in the world. Positively connecting means reaching a state where the love of Israel dwells among us upon all of our differences and divisions.

While we differ on many issues, we need to override them with the upper sentence, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” regardless of who is right or wrong. Such love is due to us all belonging to a single nation that was founded on the idea of the love of Israel. Moreover, the more poignant our differences, the more we should be elevating love over them, as it is written, “Love will cover all crimes.” In other words, even though hatred dwells between us, we should nonetheless each try to develop a sense of love toward each other. We would then start understanding how the world consists of two opposite forces—positive and negative—and how to work with them.

To be good in the eyes of the upper force means showing our love to each other, helping each other develop ties of love, and by doing so, become a conduit for the upper force of love, giving and connection to spread throughout the world. If we conducted ourselves accordingly, then the hatred toward us would subside, and in its place would emerge a great love and reverence for a nation that brings an immense positive unifying force into the world. It would also help the world feel that the Jewish nation is a very special and unique part in the functioning of the general nature of the world.

Based on the video “Why Does it Seem Like Most of the World Hates Israel?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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