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Is there any crisis in education? If so, what is it?

The crisis in education is that it is, on one hand, the world’s main problem, and on the other hand, it is not seen as the world’s main problem and is mostly neglected.

How is education the world’s main problem?

It means that what needs to be taught throughout all states, state institutions, from elementary schools through to retirement homes, is what having a correct attitude to each other means, and that negative attitudes to each other are the basis of all problems.

In other words, if we relate to each other with mutual consideration, then we would draw a positive force that dwells in nature to connect us harmoniously, and which would literally put an end to our myriad problems. And while we relate to each other negatively, i.e. egoistically, where we seek to enjoy at each other’s expense, we accumulate more and more problems and suffering in the world.

We should be introduced to such concepts from a young age, and we should receive explanations about these concepts regularly, even constantly. We would then gradually hear this message and understand the cause of all our problems: that we are egoists by nature, prioritizing self-benefit over benefiting others.

By becoming aware of the root cause of our problems, we then access half of the solution. That would already greatly benefit the world because we would then no longer look for the cause of our problems in places where they do not exist. We would put an end to creating all kinds of committees and organizations that try to solve our various problems with Band-Aid solutions, and we would know exactly what to focus on.

We would know that our entire problem is in our egoistic nature, and that it needs to somehow become corrected. We could then announce an international contest to solve this problem, discussing it in every possible place, seeking and accepting proposals for its solution.

We would publicize the people participating in seeking its solution, naming the winners as those people who wished to help out for free, and by doing so, we would create a global movement.

Gradually, we would be able to explain that egoism is humanity’s core problem, and that it can only be solved in a unique way, by the positive force dwelling in nature, which we can attract, and by doing so, solve our core problem. Moreover, by solving our core problem, we would put an end to literally all of our problems.

I trust that humanity has no other way. I know it. If we all discuss our need to change, that we are corrupted by nature, but that we need to change for the better, then like a prayer, we would receive a positive response, and it would work to change us for the better.

Based on “News with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman” on September 23, 2021. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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