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Why does the coronavirus not affect animals or birds?

We humans are the main victims of the coronavirus due to our negative connections to each other.

Animals have no hatred in their connections. For instance, even a lion hunting to kill an antelope does so out of an instinctive necessity for food, and not out of a will to express power and dominance over the antelope.

As such, the viruses and germs that animals pass to each other physiologically have lesser infectious impact as they do in humans, where our negative thoughts and emotions make us more susceptible to disease.

While animals live in balance with nature, humans have excessive desires that bring us out of balance with nature.

The exploitation, manipulation, abuse and hatred running in the midst of human connections make the effect of viruses that we spread to each other much more potent.

Therefore, no matter how much we wash our hands, wear face masks and keep our distance from each other, unless we undergo a fundamental attitude shift—from negative relations to positive ones, where we replace exploitation, manipulation, abuse and hatred with support, encouragement, love and care—we will continue seeing more and more coronavirus infections and deaths among us.

Also, note how we call our distancing “social distancing” and not merely “physical distancing,” since we need not only distance ourselves a few feet away from each other, but due to our negative connections, we need to distance ourselves socially and emotionally for some time in order to secure our health.

Moreover, even if we devise ways to heal ourselves from the coronavirus, with no accompanying attitude upgrade, then we can expect the virus to strike back in more complex and intricate ways, since our negative attitudes to each other will continue making us vulnerable to harm.

Therefore, together with the social distancing conditions that our health departments advise us to follow, and together with the efforts to come up with a vaccine against the virus, the ultimate remedy to this pandemic, as well as to many other problems in our lives, will come when we change our attitudes to each other from negative to positive.

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