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What Lessons Will the World Learn from COVID-19?

COVID-19 is nature’s way of teaching humanity serious lessons in mutual responsibility, equality and nature’s superiority to humans.

By forcing us into social distancing and stay-at-home conditions over a relatively long period of time, we have become freer to contemplate what is most important in life, how we relate to each other, what kind of world we have created for ourselves, and whether there is a better way to conduct our lives.

In such a situation, we can learn from COVID-19, that in the way it makes no discrimination between people of different status, equally infecting everybody from the average Joe to world leaders, we would also be wise to relate equally to each other.

We can also learn about our common smallness in the face of nature, where all it takes is a microscopic particle to bring about so much sickness, death and overturning of our socio-economic infrastructures around the world.

We are in a process toward increasing awakening to our interdependence and interconnectedness among each other and with nature.

In such a process, nature sends us various blows to spark more global awareness, so that we would develop more consideration and responsibility toward others.

Why? It is because by doing so, we resemble nature, which takes each and every detail into account.

Harmonizing our relations will balance us with nature, and we would then experience nature’s positive feedback.

Nature is connecting us more and more, and the sooner we become aware of how we’re being forced by nature to connect, and take our own active part in this connection to make it positive, then the sooner we’ll experience much better lives.

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