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What is the harsh truth of life?

Truth constantly slips through our fingers the moment we get a grasp of what we think is true.

We can exert a lot to reach what we consider to be the truth, and as soon as we make a move in its direction, we discover added depth based on discrepancies in the truth we previously sensed. As such, we continue seeking the truth over and over again.

Human development continuously heads toward our ultimate attainment of what we call “truth.”

What is that truth?

Generally speaking, truth is the initial point of creation, a state where we are all adhered completely to nature in its entirety without any partitions between us. Moreover, only by attaining contact with that point do we reach the truth.

There are many stages on the way to attaining that ultimate point of truth, but they are all partial and incomplete. Therefore, even though we can attain the absolute truth, it is still very distant from us.

Nature, in this case, means nature’s altruistic quality of love and bestowal, with no consideration of self-benefit. We are born into an opposite egoistic quality of reception, what we call “human nature,” where we primarily consider self-benefit. Therefore, the stages on the way to attaining the ultimate point of truth are those of rising above our egoistic quality time and again to a more caring, giving and loving one, only to discover that what we attain each time ends up becoming lost in our egoism, as if sucked into a black hole, again and again.

Also, if we continue strengthening our environment, i.e., everything that influences us, to impart us with positive examples of rising above our egoism and becoming better connected, more considerate and altruistic as is nature’s quality, then we continue applying our own yearning to “pull” ourselves to that ultimate harmonious point of truth much faster, more enjoyably, and with a lot less suffering than if we would not implement such a motion. Alternatively, if we fail to strengthen our environment so that it positively influences us, then we let the harsh steamroller of evolution run us over with its myriad crises, which serve only to goad us in order to wake up to the need for changing our lives’ direction, as well as the environment that we create in order to navigate our way there.

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