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What Does No One Tell You About the Coronavirus?

he cause of the coronavirus is human imbalance with nature.

As a system of interdependent and interconnected parts, nature is made up of four levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate and human.

The first three levels of nature—inanimate, vegetative and animate—function in perfect balance with nature, instinctively following nature’s commands.

In contrast, the human level, us, disturbs nature’s balance.


We have an additional egoistic quality that the other parts of nature do not have.

Where other parts of nature operate in order to preserve themselves, grow and survive, in addition to our preservation, growth and survival, we also want to enjoy at the expense of others.

Specifically the exploitation of others for the sake of self-benefit is what causes imbalance in nature.

Before the coronavirus hit humanity, such exploitation was running rampant in our modern consumerist society, and the coronavirus’ blow served to calm us down. It forced us into quarantine, isolation, social distancing and stay-at-home conditions, and while in such conditions, we would be wise to think about how we can restore balance with nature.

If we use the example that the coronavirus gave us, of how it makes no discrimination between people of different status, whether an ordinary Joe or a world leader, then we too would be wise to relate equally to each other.

If we consider nature’s interdependence and interconnectedness, then what would it mean for us humans to act in balance with such a system? Increasing our care and responsibility for each other would be our way of matching nature’s interconnectedness.

Implementing the additional ability we humans have been granted means setting up systems that prioritize benefiting others over benefiting ourselves. Influencing each other to think and act in such a way will bring us closer to nature’s integral form, and by doing so, we would experience newfound harmony and pleasantness, the likes of which we have never before felt.

I thus hope that we make the most of this coronavirus period in order to bring ourselves closer to each other and with nature.

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