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What do you think about how the world at large can learn as a lesson from the Coronavirus? Can we expect unity?

Until now, the pains that have befallen the world have led to no effective solutions or discernments.

People simply await its end so that they can get back to doing business as usual, thinking about how to minimize their losses, and even more so, how to profit off of the pandemic.

It comes as no surprise, since it is a mere expected outcome of our innate egoistic attitude to the world, which works on us involuntarily.

Therefore, the coronavirus is here to stay for a lot longer, since it has appeared in order to perform a serious change in the world.

Right now, we are going through a phase of trying to revive many businesses that we have no real need for, and give handouts for work that will be nonexistent in the future.

Authorities fail to understand the newness of the era that we have entered, that it is an era where we need to provide people with life’s essentials, and place all of our surplus focus on an upgraded form of education, which teaches us about this new interdependent world that is revealing itself to us, its laws, and how we can get along with each other in these new conditions. That is, it is a form of education that we need today, which we did not receive as we grew up.

Instead, we try to continue holding onto our past materialistic values, hoping that we will keep our shopping culture of boutiques, jewelry stores, expensive watches and cars.

Therefore, in relation to the change that nature demands from humanity today, the pandemic has not even started yet.

I thus hope that we will open our eyes and see that we are in a new, more interdependent and interconnected world, and living in this world requires making serious adjustments to how we used to live, which comes down to becoming more essentials-focused while engaging in learning of what is this new world, how we have developed to this point, and what we can do in order to survive and prosper in today’s new tighter interdependent conditions.

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