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Is There a Treatment for the Coronavirus?

It might sound strange and not what people expect, but more consideration, support, encouragement and inspiration to build a positively connected society is the best treatment not only to the coronavirus, but to myriad other problems we endure on a daily basis.

The coronavirus has entered our lives to show us how we are all equal when our lives are put at risk.

We have yet to tap into the immense strength dwelling in positive human connection.

As the coronavirus outbreak started spreading from China to other parts of the world, and home quarantines from certain countries had started taking effect, my organization held a convention of over 5,000 people from over 70 countries in Israel, where the primary focus was on how to positively connect to one another above our differences.

We were together in the same hall for three days, and many participants also shared the same accommodation. It was interesting to note that our team of doctors reported not a single case of sickness during the entire convention.

In short, if we aim at positive connection, then we have nothing to fear.

Connection is the ultimate treatment for any disease, because by connecting, we enter into closer alignment with nature—a quality of connection, bestowal and love. In other words, our better connection means more balance with nature, and when we’re more balanced with nature, we feel more harmonious feedback from nature.

Likewise, our imbalance with nature is the cause of all disease and other problems we experience in our lives.

Therefore, we would be wise to seek how we could improve our relationships and attitudes to each other during this pandemic, as it will yield a path to a much better world, free of disease.

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