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Emotional Resilience in the Days of COVD-19

Coming out of the lockdown, many of us are in a pretty shaky state—emotionally, financially, and socially. This is a recipe for trouble. To cope with it, we need to understand where we are, and mostly—where we are going.

Today, even our personal crises result from the state of our society, so trying to solve our personal problems is a lost cause before we even started. The whole purpose of the crisis is to open our eyes to our connections to others, that we are all dependent on each other. This is why the pandemic has reached even the most remote parts of the world.

And because the truth of our connectedness has been exposed, we will not be able to resolve personal problems before we resolve the problems of the whole society. There is no remedy to the individual’s problems at a time of global crises. But when the situation of the whole collective improves, so will the state of every individual within it.

Therefore, I’m afraid I have no consolation for those who are looking to save only their own skin. But for those who can raise their heads above the quagmire of everyday life and sympathize with the challenges of humanity in the new world, new horizons and opportunities will now be opening, with countless ways to fulfill their life’s goal.

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