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Women Can Change the World

Dear Women,

The celebration of the International Women’s Day is not enough to express the gratitude deserved to the women of the world for your tremendous contribution all year round, and it is an opportunity to shed light on your unique power.

The world is in the midst of a violent war which in itself is revealing the state of the whole world; it is in a bad state, a very bad state. Great forces of separation are destroying every sphere of human relationships. It is becoming clearer to us that if instead the world had developed according to the will of women, it would look completely different.

It is not for nothing that it is written, “Thanks to the righteous women, we came out of Egypt.” The term “Egypt” is the selfishness the world finds itself in and that causes all conflicts and wars. Therefore, I sincerely hope that you will help all the people of the world overcome their selfish nature so that we can all hasten the correction of the world.

Dear women, without you we cannot accomplish anything. You have the tremendous ability to awaken the forces of peace in our world, to be the catalyst for reconciliation between all the opposing camps, and to give everyone a warm embrace. If you let your heart rule the world, you will give life to everyone in the world. You are the source of life!

The Upper Force hears your prayers more and listens especially to the heart of women. Therefore, we all hope that you will pray for the convergence of hearts until we are connected as one human being with one heart and rise to a spiritual height from which a change for the better will occur for all humankind.

Together you can change the world for the better!

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