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Why does it seem like everyone in the world is protesting right now? Hong Kong, Lebanon, Chile, and many others are all in the news for serious, widespread, and often violent protests. Why now?

To start with, most of the world is heading into winter now, and there is always more illness, depression, and problems with living conditions and supplies in winter than in summer. It’s felt in every family and small business.

Other than that, with the increasing entanglement of existential threats, whether it be cyberattacks, bio-weaponry, artificial intelligence, climate change, and nuclear warfare, to name a few, it’s a wonder that nothing has already triggered a chain reaction of mass devastation around the world.

Perhaps such a critical situation can show us how a higher intelligence is sustaining us throughout the positive and the negative, wishing to teach us how to relate to life?

We cannot say that we’re surviving and continuing to somehow make our way through life according to our own intelligence. If it were solely up to us, we would have finished ourselves off a long time ago.

Humanity has trouble understanding that most of its produce is surplus to its real needs. We live in a game where one player profits off of the other player, who buys and disposes of all kinds of unnecessary things.

Why do we agree to live like this?

It’s all in order to give ourselves a false sensation of enjoyment, and nothing will come of it. In other words, human nature constantly demands pleasure, but all pleasures we receive dissipate and we’re always left emptier and emptier.

In the meantime, we’re given time to understand where we are, who we are, how nature works, and how we can reach harmony and balance both among human society and with nature.

The current protests will likely fritter away at some point, and then they’re expected to reignite. However, all in all, we can expect a lot more protests heading into the future because life continues becoming increasingly difficult.

We are being cornered from all sides in order to ultimately consider that our lives require a fundamental transformation.

However, where is the solution? Protests and riots will erupt. Governments and leaders will get replaced one after another. It will all serve only to show us that nothing can solve the increasingly complex puzzle of our times.

Moreover, I’m very optimistic about this situation.

I’m optimistic because such an intensive mesh of complications serves to lead us to the awareness of our own egoistic nature as standing behind all the problems, that our nature is basically evil and negative.

In other words, we’re gradually being led to a correct diagnosis of what’s wrong with the human condition: that the egoistic human nature, which wants only to consume pleasure for its benefit alone, is the cause of all our problems.

Once we reach a widespread realization of this common cause to all our problems, we can then start fixing it.

When we reach such an awakening, we’ll realize that there is no person, no leader, no good or bad people, no right-wing or left-wing political orientations to blame. There is only our very egoistic nature, dwelling sneakily within each and every one of us.

How can we then correct human nature, if it is the cause of all our problems?

We can’t. Or at least, we can’t correct human nature directly.

To correct human nature, we need to demand from the people who possess a method for the ego’s correction, that they will implement the method, and by doing so, change themselves and the world for the better.

Who are these people? Who holds the solution for the increasingly complex web of problems on personal, social, economic, ecological and global scales that we face?

It is none other than the Jews.

It appears as if the protests in Hong Kong, Lebanon and Chile have no connection to Jews. However, it only appears this way in the present moment. In the near future, we will see the connections.

People still feel that they can fix something through protests. However, soon it will become evident that there are no solutions in protests, but only in correcting human nature, a process that the Jewish people have been given the ability to pioneer. Simply put, the Jews’ correction of human nature and their establishment of positive relations would ripple out to all nations, bringing about the required correction of the human ego. We thus need only demand such correction from the Jews.

I see us in an excellent situation. The world is nearing mass awareness of the true cause behind all of its problems—the egoistic human nature—together with its treatment—the method of correction, which the Jews need to set off—in order to undergo a major shift to a harmonious existence.

For more info about the role of the Jews, I recommend reading my article that I once had published in The New York Times, “Who Are You, People of Israel?

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