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What is the difference between humanity and nature?

Nature is attracted to connection. If we look at nature’s development, then we can conclude that nature’s purpose is to reach perfect connection among all of its parts.

The human being is the opposite of nature.

Everyone desires only for themselves, failing to take the integral and global law of nature into consideration—that we are connected, together, supportive of each other, participating with each other as a single body. Today, we can observe a tendency in nature toward an increasingly unified state, and we humans with our egoistic force, oppose and resist nature. We suffer as a result of our resistance to nature. Also, within us is something that both belongs to, yet opposes, nature—our ego, the desire to enjoy at the expense of others.

What follows is that all of nature’s forms—still, vegetative, animate and the entire universe—function as a harmonious natural system according to nature’s laws of connection, even though they too have their struggles, whereas the human is in complete opposition to all of his previous forms: he wants to control everything and suffers as a result.

The wisdom of Kabbalah states that in order to participate correctly with the other parts of nature in connection, we humans need to acquire and master the art of connection, where if we’ll know how to properly connect with other parts of reality, especially with our fellow humans, then we’ll discover the general law of nature—the law of connection—which encompasses everything, sustains us, and that it is all that exists in reality.

We have to realize and observe this law. We have to understand it and get to know it, i.e. to reach perfect connection between the still, vegetative, animate and human levels of nature, and especially among all people. This is the purpose of our development, according to our current extent of understanding.

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