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What Is a State?

A state is the desirable framework where people can live nicely and comfortably, in security and prosperity throughout their lives. A state must first and foremost be built for the people to live in and be content with their country. A state exists for the sake of the people.
The purpose of the right government is to give the population it governs all the possibilities to develop in a way that is as close as possible to nature, to connection, and even to a state of love among the members of that society. By nature, we are made of an egoistic desire, and think only of ourselves, that each one of us is more special than the others, and therefore deserves more than others.
As a result, we can build our future only at the expense of others, which makes us dependent on each other. This, in turn, requires that we establish connections among us.
Of all the kinds of connection among us that we choose, only one kind of connection can truly be complete, good, and secure: a connection of love. We must establish among us ties of love just like in a family, so the whole world will be as one family, and then it can be said that we have achieved a corrected society.
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