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New York Attack

Shivers once again ripple throughout the world as New York City gets hit with its worst terror attack since 9/11. Beyond the immediate finger pointing at ISIS and lottery-based immigration programs, I will not be surprised if the blame gradually shifts over to the Jews.

To this day, conspiracy theories continue spreading,blaming Jews and Israel for 9/11.

Also, following the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris, members of the French-Algerian community placed blame on the Jews, even after al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack.

Why do I think the Jews will also be blamed for this attack?

It’s because “no calamity comes to the world but for Israel” (Talmud Bavli, Yevamot, 63:1).

This statement might be easy to write off as religious, mystical or even delusional, but from my research and experience with the wisdom of Kabbalah, I have discovered it to be a fail proof formula that explains the Jews’ connection to any negative phenomenon.

When hatred, terror or violence strike, the Jews are to blame, because they hold the method that can potentially guide humanity to a new, positive direction—its unity.

If we fail to realize this method, and do not awaken the positive force of connection into the world, then we literally invite crises instead. The purpose of such crises is to remind us of our role and encourage our connection.

Therefore, while no immediate blame has yet emerged towards the Jews for this terror attack, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the Jews are responsible for every calamity in the world. We have the ability to tilt the world to a favorable or to a disastrous outcome.

All we need to do for now is recognize this special, innate ability we have, and ask ourselves: Are we ready to realize the full potential of what makes us Jewish?

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